What We Do

Having been involved in various forms of ministry for nearly 20 years, Jamie has accrued expertise in specific areas that he loves to share with churches.  It is his heart and passion to share what he has learned–from his successes as well as his failures–and help elevate churches in their pursuit of vitalized ministry.

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING   In each of the churches or ministries that Jamie has served, he has been a part of teams that have worked diligently to craft strategic plans to accomplish vision, mission, and goals.  Using biblical principles and exercises such as SWOT and gap analyses, as well as 360-feedback surveys and innovation sessions, Jamie works with staffs, consistories, and key stakeholders to ensure a clear plan for accomplishing ministry goals is firmly in place.
  • COMMUNICATIONS   Assist organizations with creating strategic and integrated communications plans (including social media), brand management, advising for website design and mobile app development, implementing analytics, surveying equipment needs.
  • MINISTRY ASSESSMENT  Having an objective third party assess your church’s ministry is not a sign of panic but an act of intentional and genuine pastoral care.  In a ministry assessment, Jamie will immerse himself in your church’s ministry, attend a worship service, interview pastors and church staff as well as elders, deacons, and key stakeholders that represent a cross section of your community.
  • WORSHIP SERVICE DEVELOPMENT   Jamie also specializes in walking alongside churches that would like to refine or add to their worship offerings. Having launched three different worship experiences over the course of the last ten years, Jamie has learned many lessons from his experiences, both what to do and (equally important) what NOT to do!  As a member of several worship planning teams, he will assess your current worship ministries and help you craft a plan that will strategically get you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • COLLEGE/YOUNG ADULT/YOUNG FAMILY MINISTRY   For nearly twelve years Jamie has served primarily as a pastor ministering to those between the ages of 18 and 40. He offers strategic and crucial insight into the health, development, and launching of ministries geared toward this demographic.