“Jamie came to our church during a season of transition, and helped us navigate through some critical decision making and ministry planning during a pivotal time in the life of our church.  Throughout his time with us, Jamie’s ministry assessment, professional contributions, and strategic guidance greatly improved our church and our ministries.  His objective third party approach was invaluable in keeping us focused, and his strategic planning process and workshops have helped set the course for future initiatives in ministry.  I highly recommend Jamie and Silverleaf Ministry Consulting to any church, school, or ministry that wants a clearer picture of where they are and a strategic plan in moving forward to where they want to be.” 

–Rev. Neil Schori, Lead Pastor, Naperville Christian Church

“Our church began working with Silverleaf Ministry Consulting in September 2013. In conducting a ministry assessment with our congregation, Jamie provided critical information to our church, helping us shape a plan and path for vitalizing ministry, delineating responsibilities, clarifying values, and identifying vision. Jamie’s skill and pastoral sensitivity made for an edifying experience for all participants in what could very easily have been threatening or offensive. He asked appropriate, challenging questions, and sought a wide range of people from whom to gain an understanding of the church’s culture. In his presentations to the consistory (our leadership council), Jamie was polished, prepared, and honest. 

Having served in pastoral ministry, Jamie understands and loves Christ’s church. His evident goal is to help the church be all that God intends for it to be. He is a gifted leader, a non-anxious presence, a sound theologian, and a tremendous communicator. Through this process, it has been my joy to become Jamie’s friend. I recommend Jamie and Silverleaf Consulting to any congregation eager to discern the Spirit’s leading and walk the treacherous path of congregational change.”
–Rev. Travis Else, Senior Pastor, Faith Community Church, West Chicago, IL

“Jamie is a great balance of easy-going and engaging on the outside, but a pit bull internally in terms of getting the job done.  He effectively took our church of nearly 4,000 attendees to a new level by creating media presentations that touched people emotionally and spurred them to action.  He was excellent with those of us who are technologically challenged to translate our desires into a coherent and integrated plan of presenting our hopes in ways that cut across the subgroups that exist within our church.  I thoroughly enjoyed and was enriched by my interaction with Jamie.”

–Steven A. Johnson, Ph.D., Pastor of Care and Counseling, Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon, CT

“I was one of the first members of Jamie’s campus ministry at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.  I thought he was crazy when he said that the six of us could build a new ministry that would reach the campus.  We were a ragtag bunch of misfits in a hyper-competitive, intellectual environment where people aren’t very open to believing in God.  But with Jamie’s leadership, this tiny core group grew into a healthy community of 70-plus students and young professionals.  His teaching was grounded in scripture, always challenging, and always culturally relevant.  For my years in Baltimore, this faith community was my home base, through some good times and some very hard times, personally.  I still look back on those early days as a powerful example of how God does amazing things, and how a small group of people through prayer, dedication, and hard work, can really change their world.”

–Charles Wright, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Portland State University

“Jamie’s positivity and approachable personality are just a couple of the traits that make him such a valued asset to churches and ministries today.  He is highly energized by working with and being around people, which makes his work as a ministry consultant all the more valuable.  He has been a constant friend to me for more than fifteen years; he is someone whom I trust implicitly, and whose counsel I value wholly.  If there is ever a major crisis in my life, there are only a handful of people I would call.  Jamie is one of them.”

–Lieutenant Commander J.J. Lewis, United States Public Health Service

“As a lay leader at Valley Community Baptist Church, I had many opportunities to work with Jamie. Jamie’s knowledge, and abilities were extensive. He’s a strong leader, easily getting attention and consensus from those he led.

I also leaned on Jamie’s ministry and theological knowledge and often sought his advice on ministry work that I was doing. He always had a great perspective, thought both in big-picture and details, and I benefited from Jamie’s expertise.

Jamie’s ability to leverage technology to convey messages, enhance ministry, or just to make work easier, came naturally. He not only understands technology, but was able to help others understand how to better leverage it as well.  I have a high degree of respect in Jamie’s capabilities.”

–Stephen Clark, Partner Manager, EMC

“I worked with Jamie while he was at University Baptist Church in Baltimore, on his volunteer team.  I wish I still were working with him! Jamie has a faith that I admire, and one that ‘makes sense’. He is warm and enjoyable to work with. Jamie has the vision to see what is needed and the practicality to get it done. His enthusiasm is infectious. Even if your church is great now, your ministry would be better with a bit of Jamie Sipsma in it.”

–Richard Edden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine