College/Young Adult/Young Family Ministry

For nearly twelve years, Jamie served primarily as a pastor ministering to those between the ages of 18 and 40.  He offers strategic and crucial insight into the health, development, and launching of ministries geared toward this demographic.

The Church has a special opportunity to minister to a huge group of young adults that are longing to be part of meaningful community.  Jamie has worked with college students, young professionals, and young married couples in several different regions of the country, and is a valuable resource for any church the has a desire to effectively reach this age group.

Whether you need to revive a ministry that has plateaued or you’re looking to launch a new ministry geared to college students or young adults, Jamie can help you build a strategic plan that will give your ministry energy and insight, casting vision and providing direction from concept to implementation.  Even if you are looking to hire a college or young adult pastor to launch a ministry, Jamie will walk with your search team, helping them find the best possible candidate, giving your ministry the best chance at having meaningful impact.